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Employment Lawyers in Palm Beach Gardens

Don't Let Your Employer Take Advantage of You

Your employer is not above the law just because they have the power to terminate your employment. If your employer has been taking advantage of you in any way, the Law Office of Gregory S. Sconzo, P.A. can step in and assist you. Whether you're a victim of wage theft, discrimination, or workplace harassment, you can count on our employment law attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens to protect your rights and hold your employer accountable.

You deserve to work in a safe and non-threatening environment. Call us at (561) 708-4860 to schedule a consultation with our team.

Combat Your Workplace Legal Issues with a Reputable Attorney

Both state and federal labor laws are in place to protect employees and ensure that all workers are treated fairly and compensated appropriately. If your rights have been violated in any capacity while on the job, you will need a skilled employment lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens on your side.

We assist clients with matters involving:

  • Wrongful termination: You have rights as an employee. If your employer fired you for exercising those rights, you may be able to recover compensation.
  • Discrimination: If your employer fired you or hindered your career progress because of your age, sex, gender, disability, religion, or ethnicity, then they broke the law. You can fight back against their discrimination with our help.
  • Harassment and sexual harassment: Reach out to our law office if you no longer feel safe in your work environment. If someone has scared you or made you uncomfortable, you can file a harassment or sexual harassment claim against them.
  • Wage theft and work hour discrepancies: Wage theft and work hour discrepancies occur when you're not paid for the hours you work, you're not paid at the right rate, or you're not paid for your overtime. Don't let your employer steal the money you've rightfully earned.
  • Whistleblower claims: If you've filed private or federal whistleblower claims, your employer can't fire you over that. Contact us to go over your rights as a whistleblower.
  • Contractual matters/non-compete agreements: If your employer doesn't follow your employment contract, or if they forced you to sign an agreement stating you can't work for a competitor after working for them, speak with us right away. You can count on our law office to make sure your rights are protected during contract disputes.

To learn more about our employment law representation, we encourage you to contact us online or call (561) 708-4860.

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  1. In almost every case, your legal fees are based off the results we achieve.
  2. We will go the extra mile for you and your family and ensure you receive the justice you deserve.
  3. We established our firm in our hometown to represent the good people of our community.
  4. Our attorneys are involved in every single step of your case. When you call, you talk to Gregory or Andrea.
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