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Steps to Suing for Age Discrimination in FloridaClient-Focused & Passionate Representation

Steps to Suing for Age Discrimination in Florida


Many high profile cases involving employment discrimination center on mistreatment due to race or sex, but claims are related to age still comprise a large percentage. According to records compiled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), around 1 in 5 charges filed with the agency are because of age discrimination. Plus, there are many more complaints that are submitted to the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR) alleging similar claims. Unfortunately, countless cases of age discrimination are not reported, leaving employees to struggle with losses.

It is helpful to be aware that there are legal options through the EEOC and FCHR, but you may not know how to pursue your rights. The process can be complicated, and you could miss out on significant compensation if you try to go it alone. Though hiring a Palm Beach Gardens age discrimination attorney should be a first step, there are additional tasks. Some are required by law, while others depend on policies at your workplace.

Gather Evidence: You will need proof of the acts of age discrimination by your employer, including your own statements about mistreatment. Keep a journal to ensure your memory stays fresh, and make sure to write down meticulous details. Use caution when collecting papers, emails, and other information that could be considered misappropriation.

 Notice According to Employer Policies: Companies of all sizes will typically have some system in place for reporting misconduct at work, so refer to these policies to determine how to proceed. You may need to provide notice to a manager or supervisor or file a report with your employer’s human relations department. If there is no clear policy, relate your experience with age discrimination to someone in a position of authority whom you trust.

 File an Age Discrimination Charge: You have the option of reaching out to the EEOC or FCHR to raise issues of wrongdoing in the workplace. When filing an age discrimination charge, you will need to include specifics regarding:

  • The date of an incident or range of dates in which misconduct took place;
  • The names of any witnesses;
  • A detailed account of what happened and how it violates age discrimination laws; and,
  • Other relevant facts. 

Negotiations: After filing your charge, the EEOC or FCHR will investigate to determine whether mistreatment occurred. If there are acts that constitute age discrimination, you have the opportunity to negotiate settlement with your employer. You may be able to reach an agreement out of court.

 Sue in Court: If settlement discussions are not productive, you will need to file a lawsuit in court to enforce your rights. The administrative process through EEOC or FCHR is necessary before you can sue.

 Trust Our Palm Beach County Age Discrimination Lawyers to Guide You

It is wise to have legal representation at every stage along the process for an employment law claim, so reach out for help as soon as possible. To learn more, please contact Sconzo Law Office. You can set up a free case review with a Florida age discrimination attorney at 561-279-6114 or via our website.

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