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Spotting the Subtle Signs of Religious DiscriminationClient-Focused & Passionate Representation

Spotting the Subtle Signs of Religious Discrimination


No matter what type of discrimination is affecting an employee at work, it is rare that an employer will be obvious and outrageous about engaging in mistreatment. The more likely scenario is that the company will be subtle or even secretive, especially with religious discrimination. Statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) indicate that charges of religious discrimination comprise 3.5 percent of all complaints. The number would likely be higher if employees recognized the unlawful actions by employers.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to realize when your employer is discriminating against you when the misconduct is not so outwardly visible. You could suffer significant losses, so you should be aware of the signs that you are the target of unfair treatment in the workplace. A Palm Beach Gardens religious discrimination attorney can explain details about the laws if you spot the subtle signs of unlawful acts, including:

 Comments and Jokes: Some types of religious discrimination are included in communications between and among employers and employees. These may seem minor on their face, but jokes and anecdotes can be offensive to those who practice religion. You might experience mistreatment in face-to-face interactions, as well as through emails, voice mails, texts, and any internal or external communications.

 Inflexible with Religious Holidays: Employers have control over scheduling, but they could violate anti-discrimination laws by not allowing time off for religious holidays. The key is whether the company intentionally refuses to offer reasonable accommodation that would enable the employee to honor a religious holiday. Examples include not providing a day off when requested and refusing to adjust scheduling.

Note that the employer is not required to offer accommodations that would cause undue hardship or an extreme financial burden.

Exclusions from Company Activities: Another subtle sign that you are being discriminated against on account of religion is that you are not participating in the same activities as other employees. You could be the subject of religious discrimination if you are excluded from:

  • Meetings and planning sessions;
  • Corporate retreats;
  • Luncheons, outings, and company social events; and,
  • Unofficial company get-togethers.

 Refusing to Allow Religious Accommodations: Besides time off for special events, an employer has a duty with respect to other reasonable accommodations related to religion. Unless it interferes with your job performance or is unsafe, you cannot be prohibited from:

  • Wearing clothing and other items that reflect your religious affiliation;
  • Grooming practices that are related to your religion;
  • Taking reasonable time to engage in prayer or reflection; or,
  • Displaying religious items in your personal workspace.

 Contact a Florida Religious Discrimination Lawyer to Review Details

This overview may help you spot the subtle signs of religious discrimination, so retaining legal representation should be a top priority. If you are experiencing harm because of mistreatment at work, please contact Sconzo Law Office to set up a no-cost consultation. Individuals in Palm Beach County can call 561-279-6114 or visit us online. After reviewing the details of your case, a Florida employment discrimination attorney will advise you on legal remedies.



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